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VLC for Android is an app you can use to watch videos from your Android. But, it also does a whole lot more. This versatile app can play a wide variety of formats of video clips as well as audio files. All you need is an Android with at least a ARMv7 CPU to enjoy everything this app has to offer.

This app isn't too different from the original VLC. It also allows you to play videos and sound files in a ton of different formats. Plus, it makes exploring your media library a seamless experience. Take stock of all the files you have on your smartphone and play them with just the tap of your fingertip.

Likewise, the app comes with tons of tracks for one video, subtitles, screen auto-rotation, screen adjustments, and much more that you can modify with as little as three clicks! VLC for Android is a great tool to play audio and video files, watching movies and much more is simple and easier than usual.

VLC for Android is a reliable audio-visual player. Now you can watch movies in virtually any file right from your Android.
By Erika Okumura
VLC Media Player 2.5.0 for Android is now out

To talk about VLC Media Player is to talk about a flagship media application and a paradigmatic example of open source development. Born in 1996 as an academic project, it's evolved and adapted to the times with every new version that's appeared. The Android app development has followed the same steps, although the updates have sometimes left rather more to be desired. Hence why the rollout of this new version (2.5.0) is cause for celebration, what with the addition of so many new features.
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VLC 2.0 for Android out now

The VLC media player might well be one of the most efficient and versatile options now available. Its Android version had always trailed the desktop software by a little ways, but that seems to no longer be the case with this new version 2.0 for smartphones. It finally includes features users have been requesting for ages, like streaming over network protocols, automatic subtitle download, playlists for videos, or the option to run in window mode.
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